Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-360-0180
General Practices

A foster care provider must:


Post the license for the AFH-DD in a conspicuous location in the AFH-DD that is accessible to individuals and visitors;


Cooperate with Department personnel or designees of the Department in complaint investigation procedures, abuse investigations and protective services, death reviews, planning for individual care and services, application procedures, and other necessary activities, and allow access of Department personnel to the AFH-DD, the individuals, and all records;


Give care and services as appropriate to the age and condition of the individuals and as identified in the ISP or Service Agreement. The provider must be responsible for ensuring that the orders of physicians and health care providers are followed and that the physicians and health care providers are informed of changes in health status and if the individual refuses care and services;


In the absence of the provider, have a substitute caregiver on the premises that is capable of providing care and services as required by the age and condition of the individuals. An AFH-DD service recipient may not be a substitute caregiver. For provider absences beyond 72 hours, the CDDP must be notified of the name of the substitute caregiver and the plan of operation in the absence of the provider;


A provider, resident manager, or caregiver must be present in the AFH-DD at all times individuals are present, unless specifically stated in an ISP or Service Agreement and granted as a variance by the Department;


Allow individuals to exercise all civil and human rights accorded to other citizens;


Not allow or tolerate physical, sexual, or emotional abuse or punishment, exploitation, or neglect of individuals;


Provide care and services as agreed to in an ISP or Service Agreement;


Keep information related to individuals confidential as required under ORS 179.505 (Disclosure of written accounts by health care services provider);


Assure that the number of individuals requiring nursing care does not exceed the capability of the provider as determined by the Department;


Not admit individuals without developmental or intellectual disabilities prior to the express permission of the Department. The provider must notify the CDDP prior to admitting an individual not referred for placement by the CDDP;


Exercise reasonable precautions against any conditions that may threaten the health, safety, or welfare of individuals;


Notify the Department within 24 hours upon a change in the business address for electronic mail and the telephone number for the provider and the AFH-DD.

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