Oregon Department of Human Services, Aging and People with Disabilities and Developmental Disabilities

Rule Rule 411-360-0240
Administrative Sanction


An administrative sanction may be imposed for non-compliance with these rules. An administrative sanction may include one or more of the following actions:


Attachment of conditions to an AFH-DD license;


Civil penalties;


Denial, suspension, revocation, or non-renewal of the AFH-DD license; or


Reclassification of the AFH-DD license.


If the Department imposes an administrative sanction, the notice of administrative sanction is served upon the licensee either personally or by certified mail.


The notice of administrative sanction includes:


Each sanction imposed;


A reference to the particular sections of the statute, rule, standard, or order involved;


A short and plain statement of each condition or act that constitutes a violation;


A statement of the administrative sanction imposed;


A statement of the licensee’s right to a contested case hearing;


A statement of the authority and jurisdiction under which the contested case hearing is to be held;


A statement that the Department’s files on the subject of the contested case automatically become part of the contested case record upon default for the purpose of proving a prima facie case; and


A statement that the Department’s notice of administrative sanction serves as the final order by default if the licensee fails to request a contested case hearing within the specified time or fails to appear for a contested case hearing.


The licensee must comply with the final order of the Department.

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