OAR 413-017-0070
Assigning a CIRT


The Department director or designee must assign a CIRT every time a fatality is determined to be a critical incident.


The Department must assign a CIRT no later than the earlier of:


Ten days after the Department becomes aware of a fatality that the department reasonably believes is the result of child abuse; or


Seven days after the Department causes an investigation under ORS 419B.020 (Duty of department or law enforcement agency receiving report) to be made into the nature and cause of a fatality when the department reasonably believes the fatality is the result of child abuse


Membership of a CIRT:


CIRT members must include:


The director or a deputy director of the Department;


The Child Welfare director or Child Welfare deputy director;


A representative from the Department’s Office of Communications.


CIRT members may include:
(A) An attorney from the Department of Justice assigned to provide legal advice and representation to the Department on the matter of the critical incident;


A CPS Program Manager or designee;


A CIRT Coordinator


Members of the public as appropriate;


A juvenile court judge appointed by the Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court;


A member of a local citizen review board established under ORS 419A.090 (Local citizen review boards) whose service area does not include the location where the critical incident occurred;


A state Senator appointed by the President of the Senate and a state Representative appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. A state Senator or state Representative is ineligible for appointment to a CIRT if:
(i) The critical incident occurred in the person’s district;
(ii) The person had prior contact with or knowledge of the deceased child or the deceased child’s family;
(iii) The person is a family member of any person associated with the case.


The District Manager for the county in which the critical incident occurred;
(I) The Program Manager for the local Child Welfare office in which the critical incident occurred;


Child Welfare supervisors assigned to supervise the caseworkers involved in the identified case;


The Department supervisors assigned to supervise Department personnel responsible for certification or licensing, if the incident involved a child living in a home certified by the Department or an agency licensed by the Department; and


A representative of an Indian tribe;


A Designated Medical Professional;


Other Department personnel as appropriate.


Once a CIRT has been assigned by the Department Director, it cannot be recalled. If the Department’s investigation into the critical incident results in a finding that the report of child abuse is unfounded or cannot be determined as described in ORS 491B.036, the Department shall prepare and submit a final CIRT report as required under ORS 413-017-0085 (CIRT Final Reports)


The Department must immediately make the following information regarding the critical incident available on the Department’s public website:
(a) The date of the critical incident and the age of the deceased child;
(b) Whether the child was in the custody of the Department at the time of the critical incident or the fatality;
(c) Whether there was an open CPS assessment under ORS 419B.020 (Duty of department or law enforcement agency receiving report) regarding the child at the time of the critical incident or the fatality;
(d) The date the Department assigned the CIRT;
(e) The due date for the CIRT’s final report.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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