OAR 413-017-0080
CIRT Functioning

(1) CIRT members must:
(a) Review all information and records available to the Department regarding the critical incident.
(b) Maintain the confidentiality of information and records provided by the Department and only disclose the information or record as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of a CIRT’s case review.
(c) Attend CIRT meetings in person, telephonically, or by other two-way electronic communication.
(d) Not designate an individual to appear for a meeting on a member’s behalf.


Conduct a case review and investigation focusing primarily on the history of the safety and well being of the child who was involved in the incident that led to the fatality and any other children who may be impacted by the circumstances surrounding the incident;


Document and make a part of the record of the case review all the team conclusions and decisions.
(2) A CIRT may:
(a) Meet when one or more members are absent.
(b) During its review, include or consult with the District Attorney from the county in which the critical incident occurred pursuant to ORS 419B.024 as amended by Oregon Laws 2017, chapter 469.
(c) After submission of the final report and upon conclusion of any criminal investigation or prosecution arising out of the critical incident, meet with members of law enforcement that investigated the child fatality or with the prosecuting attorneys who prosecuted the case, to review the conclusions and recommendations of a CIRT and the submitted reports.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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