Oregon Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division

Rule Rule 414-061-0110
OCC Removal Procedures


An individual enrolled in the Central Background Registry shall be removed or suspended from the Registry by OCC if, during the period of enrollment, the individual;


Has been determined not suitable for enrollment in the Registry;


Has misrepresented information or failed to submit requested information or documentation;


Is in a diversion program or similar agreement and has failed to provide written documentation of compliance with the terms of diversion or the agreement; or


Has a disqualifying condition listed in OAR 414-061-0045 (Disqualifying Conditions for Enrollment).


OCC may immediately, and without prior hearing, remove or suspend a subject individual from the Central Background Registry when, in the opinion of OCC, such action is necessary to protect children from physical or mental abuse or a substantial threat to health and safety. Such action may be taken before an investigation is completed.


OCC may reinstate a subject individual in the Central Background Registry if the condition(s) that resulted in the suspension is corrected.


When a subject individual is removed or suspended from the Central Background Registry, OCC will notify the subject individual and the requesting agencies which have inquired about the subject individual’s enrollment of the removal or suspension.


A subject individual who has been removed from the Central Background Registry and has not subsequently been re-enrolled shall not be eligible for enrollment in the Registry for five years from the date of removal.

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Jun. 8, 2021