Oregon Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division

Rule Rule 414-061-0030
Subject Individuals


For purposes of criminal records checks, including fingerprint-based criminal records checks, and child abuse and neglect records checks, foster care or adult protective services checks, “Subject Individual” means a person who is or applies to be:


The owner, operator or an employee or volunteer of a certified, registered or otherwise regulated facility caring for children that is subject to the jurisdiction of OCC;


The operator or an employee of an Oregon pre-kindergarten program or parent-as-teacher program under ORS 329.170 (Definitions for ORS 329.170 to 329.200) to 329.200 (Report on Oregon prekindergarten program);


The operator or an employee of a federal Head Start Program regulated by the United States Department of Health and Human Services;


A designated employee or a contractor with the Early Learning Division;


A contractor or an employee of the contractor who provides early childhood special education or early intervention services pursuant to ORS 343.455 (Prekindergartens to provide early childhood special education) to 343.534 (Allocation of state funds to approved providers); or


A child care provider who is required to be enrolled in the Central Background Registry by any state agency.


A designated contractor, employee or volunteer of a Metro Service District.


A provider of respite services as defined in ORS 418.205 (Definitions for ORS 418.205 to 418.327, 418.470, 418.475, 418.950 to 418.970 and 418.992 to 418.998) for parents pursuant to a properly executed power of attorney under ORS 109.056 (Delegation of certain powers by parent or guardian).


An employee, contractor or provider of child care services under any memorandum of understanding or similar arrangement with one of the nine federally recognized tribes in Oregon or administrators of the Tribal Child Care and Development Fund.


The operator or an employee of an Early Learning Program.
(2) An individual in any of the above facilities or programs who may have unsupervised contact with children is also a subject individual. This includes but is not limited to permanent or temporary residents in the home or facility or persons visiting on a regular basis.

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