Oregon Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division

Rule Rule 414-061-0010
Scope of Rules


Consistent with the purposes of these rules, OCC will issue decisions about persons defined as subject individuals as to their suitability to be enrolled in the Central Background Registry and employed in programs defined as “Requesting Agencies” in OAR 414-061-0020 (Definitions)(17).


These rules (OAR 414-061-0000 (Purpose) through 414-061-0120 (Rights for Review and Contested Case Hearings)) shall be construed and implemented consistent with the regulations governing:


Child care licensing in OAR 414-205-0000 (Purpose) through 414-205-0170 (Suspension, Denial, Revocation, Findings Reviews and Civil Penalties), 414-300-0000 (Applicability of Rules) through 414-300-0415 (Civil Penalty), and 414-350-0000 (Applicability of Rules) through 414-350-0405 (Civil Penalty);


Pre-kindergarten programs in OAR 581-019-0005 through 581-019-0035;


Parent-as-teacher programs in OAR 581-019-0050 through 581-019-0080; and


Early childhood special education and early intervention programs in OAR 581-015-2700 (Definitions — EI/ECSE Program) through 581-015-2910 (Authorization of Early Childhood Supervisor).

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