OAR 414-350-0200
Food Selection, Storage, and Preparation


All food and drink served by the provider shall be selected, stored, prepared, and served in a sanitary manner.


All staff who prepare or serve food must have and maintain a current food handler certification pursuant to ORS 624.570 (Food handler training requirement).


All food products served by the provider shall be obtained from commercial food suppliers, except that:


Fresh fruits and vegetables may be served;


Frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, and canned and frozen jams and jellies processed in the certified family child care home may be served; and


Home-canned or home-processed food, other than those described in OAR 414-350-0200 (Food Selection, Storage, and Preparation)(3)(b), may be served to an individual child only when supplied by that child’s parent(s).


Only pasteurized and fortified milk shall be served to children.


Powdered milk may be used only in cooking; and


The serving of unpasteurized milk is prohibited.


Only pasteurized 100% fruit or vegetable juice shall be served.


A certified family child care home shall have at least one refrigerator, in good operating condition, that is adequate to store all potentially hazardous foods.


All potentially hazardous food shall, except when being prepared, be kept at 41° Fahrenheit or below, or 140° F or above.


A temperature-measuring device (TMD) in working condition shall be affixed to the door or the front edge of the top shelf of all refrigerators.


Foods requiring refrigeration after preparation shall be covered and rapidly cooled to a temperature of 41° F or below.


Extra care shall be taken to ensure that, after pouring milk, any unused portion left in the container is returned to the refrigerator immediately.


Refrigerated storage space at 41° F or less shall be used to store lunches that contain potentially hazardous food that children bring from home.


Leftover food prepared but not served by the provider shall be covered, dated, labeled, and either refrigerated promptly and used within 36 hours or frozen immediately for later use.


Foods that have been cooked and then refrigerated shall be reheated rapidly according to food handler certification standards.


Children shall not be in the kitchen or food preparation areas when foods are being prepared unless they are protected from such hazards as hot foods, sharp utensils, etc.

Source: Rule 414-350-0200 — Food Selection, Storage, and Preparation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=414-350-0200.

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Jun. 8, 2021

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