OAR 414-400-0010


“Agricultural Labor” means:


Any activity related to crop production, including soil preparation, planting, cultivating, crop protection or harvesting, preparing crops for market, irrigation work, operating farm machinery, or general farm work; or


Any activity directly related to the processing of crops, including freezing, canning and drying; or


Any activity directly related to the cultivation of trees and shrubs, or tree farming including wreath making.


Labor that does not fall under “Agricultural Labor” includes, but is not limited to: landscaping, fishing, reforestation, and animal husbandry.


“Authorized Absence” means the temporary absence from the facility by a child who is expected to return to care.


“Available to care for children” means not working, attending or enrolled in school, and being physically and emotionally capable of caring for children.


“Contractor” means the non-profit or other type of organization that does outreach to and performs administrative functions for Migrant and Seasonal farmworkers families seeking child care financial assistance.


“Early Learning Division (ELD) Special Populations” means the child care subsidy program administered by the Oregon Department of Education, Early Learning Division.


“Employment Related Day Care (ERDC)” means the child care subsidy program administered by the Oregon Department of Human Services.


“Migrant Family” means:


A family who is employed in farm labor as defined in “Agricultural Labor;” and


An entire family that moves their residence for the purpose of employment in Agricultural Labor, and the move or moves result in either:


An absence of at least two months from the geographical service area, or


A cumulative total of at least 150 miles.


“Seasonal Family” is a family:


Whose wage earners make their living from agricultural labor on a seasonal basis in the same area as their residence; and


That has fit the definition of a “Migrant family” within the last 36 months; and


That has settled, or is in the process of settling, from migrant status, and


Is not employed in agricultural labor year round by the same employer.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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