OAR 414-400-0040
Payment Process

Early Learning Division payment is subject to CCD established eligibility conditions described in these rules.


ELD will pay only for child care authorized by the ELD.


Payment is made to providers who are registered or certified and hold a valid child care subsidy contract with the ELD.


If a child is in child care when the service plan is made, payment shall be made only from the date the service is authorized.


ELD will make payments for temporary absence if required by the provider, subject to the following requirements and limits:


The provider must use the same policy for both ELD and non-ELD child care subsidy families;


The child must be expected to continue in child care with the same provider after the absence;


ELD will make payment for actual absence(s) not to exceed a total of five (5) working days in any calendar month, not to exceed 40 hours of authorized absences per month; and


Absence days, or portions thereof, will include on the time(s) for which child care has been authorized by ELD.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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