OAR 416-170-0010
General Standards


No research may be conducted without OYA approval in the manner prescribed in these rules, and related OYA policy and procedures.


Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) approval is required for any research involving offenders in the legal custody of DOC and the physical custody of OYA.


Offender participation must be voluntary and the offender’s confidentiality will be protected.


OYA retains the right to review the compilation of data or completed report describing project outcomes prior to publication, and may require a disclaimer if it believes assumptions about the data are flawed.


OYA will consider research proposals that benefit the agency or juvenile corrections as a whole, such as:


Studies of possible causes of criminal behavior, and effects of incarceration;


Studies of close custody systems or treatment programs as institutional structures or of youth as incarcerated persons;


Research on conditions particularly affecting adjudicated or convicted offenders as a class; and


Research on practices, both innovative and accepted, that have the intent and reasonable probability of improving the health or well-being of the subject. In cases in which such research requires the assignment of offenders to control groups that may not benefit from the research, the research proposal will include discussion regarding the ethical considerations to support the research.


All research project proposals submitted to OYA must have been reviewed and approved by a human subjects review committee prior to submittal to OYA.


The risk posed to subjects will be no more than minimal and participation in the study will represent no more than an inconvenience.


Treatments, therapies, and procedures used in the project must be generally recognized and accepted as therapeutic.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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