OAR 416-170-0020
Project Review


The OYA Research Committee (ORC) will review all research project proposals prior to implementation. Following such review, the ORC will submit a recommendation to the OYA Research Manager for approval or denial of the project. The decision of the OYA Research Manager is final.


Proposals requiring OYA policy decisions will be referred to the OYA Cabinet, as appropriate.


The ORC may recommend agency approval of research projects only if it finds that:


The research project proposal has been reviewed and approved by a human subjects review committee (e.g., institutional review board);


The research question is relevant and of importance to the agency or juvenile corrections as a whole;


The implementation of such project does not cause undue expense or use of agency resources or compromise safety, security, OYA’s mission, or state or federal laws;


The advantages to the offender are not of such a magnitude as to affect the offender’s ability to weigh the risks of the research against the value of such advantages in the limited-choice environment within facilities or programs;


The risks involved in the research are commensurate with the risks that would be accepted by non-adjudicated or non-convicted persons;


Procedures for selection of subjects within the facility are fair to all offenders and immune from arbitrary intervention by facility or program personnel, or other offenders. Unless there is written justification for following some other procedures, control subjects will be selected randomly from the group of available offenders who meet the characteristics needed for the particular research project; and


Adequate assurance exists that an offender’s participation in the project or refusal to participate will not affect the offender’s release or privilege status.


During the review process, the ORC may engage other parties, such as advisory committees and representatives of other governmental agencies, to provide technical critiques of the proposed project and opinions on its merits.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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