OAR 416-550-0060


Initial Treatment Plan. An initial written treatment plan will be completed by the time of the offender’s admission to the program. The plan will describe specific tasks to be carried out by the treatment team during the first 45 days of placement. It will describe strategies to ease the offender’s adjustment to the treatment foster parent’s home and to directly assess the offender’s strengths, skills, interests and needs for treatment within the home. The initial plan should assess short-term goals for the first 45 days of placement, identify potential problems likely to be encountered with the offender and specify how the treatment team is to respond to them.


Comprehensive Treatment Plan. A written comprehensive treatment plan will be completed for each offender admitted within 45 days of admission addressing the long-term goals of treatment including criteria for discharge, projected length of stay in the program, projected post-treatment foster care setting and aftercare services. It will be congruent with the case plan developed by the OYA. The plan will identify and build on the offender’s strengths and assets as well as respond to presenting problems. The comprehensive treatment plan will include proactive short-term treatment goals which are measurable and time-limited along with specific strategies for promoting and regularly evaluating progress.


Quarterly Progress Reports/Updates. Each offender’s treatment plan will be specific, reviewed via quarterly reports and revised as necessary. Quarterly reports will document progress on specific short-term treatment goals, describe significant revisions in goals and strategies, and specify any new treatment goals and strategies initiated during the period covered. The quarterly progress report will summarize progress and note changes regarding long-term placement and treatment goals. The interagency team members will be invited to participate in the process to review and approve the quarterly report.


Aftercare Plan. All planned discharges from treatment foster care will be reviewed and discussed by the treatment team, including the parole and probation worker and offender. An approved aftercare plan will be ready for implementation prior to the offender’s planned departure from the program. The plan will specify the nature, frequency and duration of aftercare services and designate responsibility for service delivery. The treatment foster care program will provide these aftercare services directly or provide consultation to the person/agency assuming responsibility for working with the offender following discharge from the program. An aftercare plan also will be developed in a timely fashion for an offender whose discharge is not planned, with follow-up services provided or assisted as described here.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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