OAR 416-550-0070
Program Statement

All treatment foster care programs will have a written program statement which describes its mission, organizational structure, services, policies, record-keeping and evaluation procedures. The program statement will describe:


The treatment foster care program’s treatment philosophy and the specific treatment modality(ies) it employs.


The services the treatment foster care program provides.


The offenders it is designed to serve with regard to age, gender, geographic service area and types of special needs the program is prepared to address. Offenders served must exhibit an identifiable special need.


A staffing pattern which allows for the intensity of service required in treatment foster care and designates the individual responsible for program administration.


How the services to be provided will reflect the cultural diversity of the community and be responsive to the needs of the community.


A policy assuring that the treatment foster care program staff and treatment foster parents adhere to practices that respect and promote positive cultural or ethnic identity.


A policy on discipline and physical.


The plan for crisis intervention procedures.


The protocol for investigating, responding to and reporting allegations of misconduct and/or abuse by treatment foster parents, treatment foster care program/agency staff, or an offender.


The policy advising offenders and parents of their rights and the grievance procedures available to them.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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