OAR 416-550-0080
Program Evaluation


Documentation of Service Delivery. A treatment foster care program must clearly document delivery of all services described in its program statement as well as compliance with all minimum operating standards described above.


Individual Treatment. Treatment foster care programs must document the implementation of all treatment plans and track progress on all long- and short-term treatment goals throughout each offender’s tenure in care.


Performance Evaluations. Treatment foster care programs will provide to treatment foster parents and professional staff written performance evaluations at least annually which include descriptive assessments of their performance of specific job responsibilities and goals for improved performance.


Program Evaluation. Treatment foster care programs will have a program evaluation plan which describes information to be collected, summarized and analyzed at least annually. The plan will identify who will have access to the evaluation and how it will be used. The evaluation will include demographics on current offenders and their families, treatment families and professional staff; aggregated information describing in-program events such as placement disruptions; and a summary of information collected through follow-up tracking of offenders/offenders discharged from the program. The plan also will provide for periodic evaluations of program services by treatment foster parents, offenders and their families.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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