OAR 416-800-0000


The Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) seeks to ensure the security and safety of the offenders in its care and custody. OYA values excellence in public service, partnerships with local communities and other agencies, openness and accountability and provision of service in a fair, respectful, and humane manner. As a state agency, OYA employees serve as public officials. As public officials, OYA employees must adhere to ethics and boundaries described in statute and agency policy. OYA expects its Volunteers, contractors, and Foster Care Providers to also maintain these ethics and boundaries.


These rules control how OYA accesses Criminal Offender Information about a Subject Individual through Criminal Records Checks and its use of that information to determine whether the Subject Individual is fit to provide services to OYA as an employee, Volunteer, Foster Care Provider, contractor, or vendor. The fact that OYA approves a Subject Individual as fit does not guarantee the individual a position as an OYA employee, Volunteer, Foster Care Provider, contractor, or vendor.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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