OAR 436-030-0007
Administrative Review

(1) Notices of Closure issued by insurers are appealed to the director and processed in accordance with the reconsideration procedures described in OAR 436-030-0115 (Reconsideration of Notices of Closure) through OAR 436-030-0185 (Reconsideration: Settlements and Withdrawals), except Notices of Closure under (3)(b) of this rule, when:
(a) The worker was determined medically stationary after July 1, 1990; or
(b) The claim qualifies for closure under ORS 656.268 (Claim closure)(1)(b) or (c).
(2) The director may abate, withdraw, or amend the Order on Reconsideration during the 30-day appeal period for the Order on Reconsideration.
(3) The following matters are brought before the board:
(a) Orders on Reconsideration issued under these rules.
(b) Notices of Closure that rescind permanent total disability under ORS 656.206 (Permanent total disability).
(c) Any other action taken under these rules where a worker’s right to compensation or the amount thereof is directly an issue under ORS chapter 656.
(4) Contested Case Hearings of Sanctions and Civil Penalties: Under ORS 656.740 (Review of proposed order declaring noncomplying employer or nonsubjectivity determination), any party aggrieved by a proposed order or proposed assessment of a civil penalty issued by the director under ORS 656.254 (Medical report forms), 656.735 (Civil penalty for noncomplying employers), 656.745 (Civil penalty for inducing failure to report claims) or 656.750 (Civil penalty for failure to maintain records of compensation claims) may request a hearing by the board as follows:
(a) The party must send the request for hearing in writing to the director within 60 days after the mailing date of the proposed order or assessment. The request must specify the grounds upon which the proposed order or assessment is contested.
(b) The division will forward the request and other pertinent information to the board.
(c) An Administrative Law Judge from the board, acting on behalf of the director, will conduct the hearing in accordance with ORS 656.740 (Review of proposed order declaring noncomplying employer or nonsubjectivity determination) and ORS Chapter 183 (Administrative Procedures Act).
(5) Director’s Administrative Review of other actions: Except as covered under sections (1) through (4) of this rule, any party seeking an action or decision by the director or aggrieved by an action taken by any other party under these rules, may request administrative review by the director subject to the following:
(a) The party must send the request in writing to the director within 90 days of the disputed action and must specify the grounds upon which the action is disputed; and
(b) The director may require and allow such evidence as is deemed appropriate to complete the review.

Source: Rule 436-030-0007 — Administrative Review, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=436-030-0007.

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