OAR 436-030-0155
Reconsideration Record

(1) The record for the reconsideration proceeding includes all documents and other material relied upon in issuing the Order on Reconsideration as well as any additional material submitted by the parties, but not considered in the reconsideration proceeding.
(a) The record is maintained by the division and consists of all documents and material documented as received by the director prior to the issuance of the Order on Reconsideration, unless the document is an exact duplicate of what is in the file then the director is not required to retain the duplicate document.
(b) The insurer or self-insured employer may not send billing information and duplicate documents to the department, unless specifically requested by the director.
(c) Evidence stored by the parties on audio media and submitted as part of the reconsideration record may only be submitted in transcribed form.
(2) Except as noted in this section, the medical record submitted by the director for arbiter review will consist of all medical documents and medical material produced by the claim under reconsideration, provided the information is allowable under ORS 656.268 (Claim closure).
(3) The director will send non-medical information, nursing notes, or physical therapy treatment notes to the arbiter if:
(a) A party requests the director to submit those specific materials;
(b) The party identifies and provides the director with specific dates of those materials requested to be submitted; and
(c) The materials otherwise meet the requirements of this rule.
(4) When any surveillance video obtained prior to closure has been submitted to a physician involved in the evaluation or treatment of the worker, it must be provided for arbiter review.
(a) Surveillance video provided for arbiter review must have been reviewed prior to claim closure by a physician involved in the evaluation or treatment of the worker.
(b) All written materials previously forwarded to a physician along with the surveillance video, such as investigator field notes, summary or narrative reports, and cover letters, must also be submitted.
(c) Surveillance video must be labeled according to the date and total time of the recording.
(5) When reconsideration is requested, the insurer is required to provide the director and the other parties with a copy of all documents contained in the record at claim closure. For cases involving a health care provider who must meet criteria other than those of an attending physician or who practices under contract with a managed care organization, the insurer must provide documentation of the health care provider’s authority to act as an attending physician. Responses of the parties to the medical arbiter report will be included in the record if received prior to completion of the reconsideration proceeding.

Source: Rule 436-030-0155 — Reconsideration Record, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=436-030-0155.

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