OAR 436-162-0038


The division will respond to submitted transmissions by providing either a Transaction Accepted (TA) or a Transaction Rejected (TR) acknowledgement.


Transaction rejected acknowledgements will be generated for transactions with errors, including but not limited to:


An omitted Mandatory data element;


An improperly populated data element field, e.g., numeric data element field is populated with alpha or alphanumeric data, or is not a valid value;


Transactions or electronic records within the transaction that require matching and cannot be matched to the division’s database;


Illogical data in a Mandatory or Mandatory/Conditional field, e.g., policy expiration date is before policy effective date;


Duplicate transmission or duplicate transaction within the transmission;


Invalid triplicate code; or


Illogical event sequence relationship between transactions, e.g., endorsement transaction submitted before a policy transaction is submitted.


The insurer must correct and resubmit any transactions rejected for which a law or rule requires reporting to the director.


Transactions that are not rejected under section (2) of this rule will result in a Transaction Accepted acknowledgement.


An insurer’s obligation to file proof of coverage for the purposes of this rule is not satisfied unless the director acknowledges acceptance of the transaction.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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