Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division

Rule Rule 437-003-0020

In addition to and not in lieu of any provisions in 26 CFR 1926.51(c):


At the site of every project with an estimated cost of $1,000,000 or more, the employer or owner of such place of employment shall provide flush toilet facilities in accordance with subparagraph (1) of 29 CFR 1926.51(c) and washing facilities which include wash basins, warm water and soap.
NOTE: Section (1) of this rule does not apply to highway construction or maintenance projects or to electricity, water, sewer or gas transmission facility construction or maintenance projects. The director may, by order, exempt or partially exempt, individual or classes of construction projects from the requirements of section (1) of this rule when conditions are such that compliance is impractical or impossible.


Where toilet facilities will not be used by women, urinals may be provided instead of toilets, except that the number of toilets in such cases shall not be reduced to less than 23 of the minimum specified.


Toilets and toilet area shall be maintained in good repair and in a clean and sanitary condition.

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