Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Workers' Compensation Board

Rule Rule 438-005-0070
Request for Hearing

Proceedings before the Hearings Division are begun by filing a request for hearing meeting the requirements of ORS 656.283 (Hearing rights and procedure) and OAR 438-005-0046 (Filing and Service of Documents; Correspondence). The request for hearing should be on a form prescribed by the Board. A request by an insurer or self-insured employer should also recite whether payment of compensation has been or will be stayed under 656.313 (Stay of compensation pending request for hearing or review). In addition to the information required by 656.283 (Hearing rights and procedure)(2), the person requesting a hearing should include the person’s full name, the name of the injured worker if different from that of the person requesting the hearing, the date of the injury or exposure, the name of the employer and its insurer, if any, and the claim number. A copy of the request should be served on the insurer, self-insured employer, claimant, or if represented, claimant’s counsel.

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