OAR 459-060-0001

The words and phrases used in this Division have the same meaning given them in ORS Chapters 192, 238, 238A and OAR 459-005-0001 (Definitions, Generally). Specific and additional terms used in this Division are defined as follows unless context requires otherwise:


“Medical records” means any reports, letters, or notes containing information regarding a member’s health condition (mental or physical), or ability to perform any work.


“Member” means an employee of a PERS participating employer, a PERS member as defined in ORS 238.005 (Definitions) or 238A.005 (Definitions), a former PERS member, the beneficiary of a PERS member, an alternate payee as defined in ORS 238.465 (Benefits payable to others under certain judgments), or the beneficiary of an alternate payee.


“Public disclosure” means disclosure of information to any individual other than the member or an individual who is legally authorized to act on behalf of the member as to PERS matters.


“Requestor” means a person requesting disclosure of public records.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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