OAR 461-105-0010
Rights of Clients

Clients of the Department in programs regulated by Chapter 461 of these rules have the following rights and the right to be informed of them:


The right to information about the programs administered by the Department.


The right to confidentiality for individually identifiable information to the extent provided under federal and state law, including the administrative rules of the Department.


The right to refuse social services unless:


The service is court-ordered;


The service is related to a case plan as defined in OAR 461-001-0020 (Definitions; SNAP Employment and Training Components and Activities) or 461-001-0025 (Definitions of Terms, Components, and Activities; JOBS, Pre-TANF, TANF); or


Treatment is required under OAR 461-135-0085 (Requirement to Attend an Assessment or Evaluation, or Seek Medically Appropriate Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Disqualification and Penalties; Pre-TANF, REF, TANF).


In the Pre-TANF, REF, SFPSS, and TANF programs:


The right to be offered or request available screenings or evaluations at any time that identify barriers (see OAR 461-001-0025 (Definitions of Terms, Components, and Activities; JOBS, Pre-TANF, TANF)) or the existence of a disability (see OAR 461-001-0000 (Definitions for Chapter 461)), extent of the disability, or need for accommodations, or modifications relevant to the program.


The right to decline a screening or evaluation that would disclose to the program the existence of a disability unknown to the program.


The right, at any time, to obtain the Department’s standard form for requesting a hearing.


The right to request a hearing to the extent provided in OAR 461-025-0310 (Hearing Requests) and 461-025-0315 (Expedited Hearings).


The right to request and receive an application to apply for any program administered by the Department in paper or electronic format.


The right to have a decision on eligibility made by the Department within the timelines set forth in OAR 461-115-0190 (Application Processing Time Frames; Not Pre-TANF or SNAP) and 461-115-0210 (Application Processing Time Frames; SNAP).


The right to apply for and receive benefits and services from the Department and its contractors, grantees, agents, and providers of services who receive payments from the Department without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or political beliefs (see OAR 461-105-0180 (Nondiscrimination in Determining Eligibility) and 461-105-0190 (Discriminatory Actions)).


The right to courteous, fair, and dignified treatment by Department personnel and to file a complaint with the Department about staff conduct or customer service to the extent provided in OAR 407-005-0100 (Purpose and Scope) to 407-005-0120 (Retaliation Prohibited).


The right to file a complaint with the Department about discrimination or unfair treatment as provided in Procedure DHS-010-005-01, “Filing a Client Complaint or Report of Discrimination” or OAR 407-005-0030 (Report of Discrimination and Other Remedies Available for Alleged Discrimination).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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