OAR 462-120-0090
Assumed Names


The commission will not license an assumed name if the Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) registry shows that someone else has already registered that name or a name which is so similar that it could mislead the public, if the name is the real name of any racing animal owner, or the name is determined by the stewards to be detrimental to the best interests of racing.


No owner may race under an assumed name unless the name is licensed by the commission. A person may own or have an interest in racing animals which race out of different stables so long as all ownership interests are disclosed in writing to the commission and the race office. A person may not use his or her real name if the person has a licensed stable/assumed name and wholly owns the horses in the stable.


When applying for an assumed name license, the applicant must disclose the identities of all persons having an interest in the assumed name.


In order to change the assumed name, without changing the ownership interest of the name, a person must apply for a new assumed name license.


If a partnership with a written agreement is involved in the ownership of an assumed name the rules covering partnerships must be complied with.


If a corporation is involved in the ownership of an assumed name, the rules covering corporations must be complied with.


The assumed name shall be carried on the official program.


No individual participating as a trainer or assistant trainer at a horse race meet may have any interest in a stable or assumed name at the same race meet except that for which he or she is the trainer or assistant trainer except with permission of the stewards (such as difference in breeds).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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