OAR 462-120-0110
When License Valid; Restricted Areas; Use and Display of License


When License May Be Used. Licensees shall use their license to enter a restricted area only when necessary to perform duties as a participant in a race meet. Any licensee who is employed by or is an authorized agent for a racing animal owner, stable owner, trainer or race meet licensee, shall promptly surrender their license to the commission upon termination of their employment or agent relationship. The commission shall keep the license until the license expires or until the licensee is again employed as a participant in a race meet.


Restricted Area, Unauthorized Area. No one may enter a restricted area without a displayed current license issued by the commission, except commission members or employees, media representatives, and guests displaying a guest pass duly issued by the commission. No person (including licensee) may enter an unauthorized area without a proper credential or license or permission of the stewards. Guests must be accompanied by security personnel, a commission employee or representative, or a representative of the race meet licensee. For stable area only: Owners, trainers, association officials, racing officials, and commission personnel may register guests at the entrance to the stable. Any other licensee wishing to register guests at the entrance must meet the criteria of a guest pass system developed by the race meet licensee and approved by the executive director of the commission. The licensed participant is responsible for the actions of the guest and must accompany the guest around the area.


Possession and Display of License. Licensees who enter a racecourse must carry their license with them at all times and must show the license to any racing official upon request. Licensees who enter any restricted area shall at all times have displayed on their person, with photo visible, their commission license. All guests in a restricted area shall display their guest pass at all times. Guests are not permitted to perform work functions.


Protection of License. Licensees must take all reasonable precautions to safeguard their license, to prevent the license from being lost, misplaced or stolen. No licensee shall allow any other person to use the licensee’s license for any purpose whatsoever. Licenses are not transferable.


Possession of a license does not guarantee the right of the license holder to employment at or participation in a race meet or to be within the enclosure. A licensee must have a business purpose to be within any restricted area on a racecourse.

Source: Rule 462-120-0110 — When License Valid; Restricted Areas; Use and Display of License, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=462-120-0110.

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