OAR 582-010-0010

For the purposes of chapter 582, division 10 of the Oregon Administrative Rules, the following definitions apply:


“Accreditation” is the term signifying that a community rehabilitation program meets standards of performance set by an organization or methodology listed in these rules.


“Approval” is a term signifying that OVRS standards for vendor selection are met, and the vendor may be utilized by a local OVRS office to provide OVRS purchased services for individuals with disabilities.


“Certification” refers to the acknowledgment by OVRS that the CRP has completed required application procedures and, if applicable, met specific accreditation standards.


“Department of Administrative Services” (DAS) refers to the administrative unit of the State of Oregon that is responsible for setting certain standards that apply to all state vendors and whose standards may apply to OVRS vendors.


“Interim Approval” refers to the authority of OVRS to approve a CRP and purchase its services within a limited time period while an application for CRP vendor “Approval” or “Certification” is being processed.


“Rehabilitation Facility” refers to a CRP or unit of a larger organization that meets the definition for a CRP and that is operated for the primary purpose of providing vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with disabilities and that provides singularly or in combination, one or more of the services listed in OAR 582-001-0010 (Definitions for Chapter 582)(10).


“State Standards for Vendor Approval” refers to a set of criteria, applied as appropriate to the type of program and used by OVRS to evaluate a provider’s operation and to determine whether the provider may be listed as an approved vendor. State Standards are in addition to any federal requirements in the Rehabilitation Act or regulations and shall for CRPs, at a minimum and as appropriate, relate to physical plant, health and safety, production, insurance, physical accessibility, organization, fiscal management, personnel, program management, client issues, program evaluation, human rights (including the safeguarding of confidential information about clients), and community relations.


“Statement of Assurances and Conditions” means a document executed and signed by a provider of community rehabilitation services attesting to an understanding of and intent to comply with applicable criteria in these rules and any attending policy for implementing these rules.
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