Oregon Department of Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Rule Rule 582-010-0021
Approval Policy for Category A Providers


Category A providers of community rehabilitation services are those providers exclusively paid by OVRS to provide the following listed services:


Medical, psychiatric, psychological, social, and vocational services that are provided under one management;


Evaluation or control of specific disabilities;


Physical and occupational therapy;


Recreational therapy;


Speech, language and hearing therapy;


Psychiatric, psychological and social services, including positive behavior management;


Psychosocial rehabilitation services


Rehabilitation technology;


Testing, fitting, or training in the use of prosthetic and orthotic devices;


Personal assistance services;


Child care: or


Professionals or entities licensed by a state or federal agency (excluding OVRS), acting within the scope of their license, and providing any services covered by OAR 582-010-0022 (Approval Policy for Category B Providers)(1).


In addition to compliance with any other applicable requirements in chapters 407 and 582 of the Oregon Administrative Rules, these providers are eligible for the approved vendor list if they maintain compliance with the relevant licensing or certifying body.


Providers of child care who are not eligible to apply for registration with the Child Care Division of the Employment Department under OAR 414-205-0000 (Purpose) may be placed on the Approved Vendor List if they successfully complete a Criminal History Check from either DHS or the Child Care Division of the Employment Department.


Providers of personal assistance services who are not qualified or certified providers for this service under Chapter 411 of the Oregon Administrative Rules may be placed on the Approved Vendor List if they successfully complete a DHS Criminal History Check.


OVRS requires that providers of child care and providers of personal assistance services who are required by this rule to satisfy criminal history check requirements shall also comply with DHS criminal history check requirements with respect to each new employee or volunteer who will provide “care” (as defined at OAR 407-007-0210 (Definitions)(4)) to OVRS clients prior to the start of care for an OVRS client. Prior to reapplication for the Approved Vendor List, these providers may be required by OVRS to repeat a criminal history check as a result of information received about vendor qualifications, behavior or performance.

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Jun. 8, 2021