Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Rule Rule 584-020-0025
Management Skills


The competent educator is a person who understands students and is able to relate to them in constructive and culturally competent ways. The competent educator establishes and maintains good rapport. The competent educator maintains and uses records as required, and as needed to assist the growth of students.


The competent teacher demonstrates skills in:


Establishing and maintaining classroom management that is conducive to learning;


Using and maintaining district property, equipment, and materials appropriately;


Using and maintaining student records as required by federal and state law and district policies and procedures;


Using district and school business and financial procedures; and


Using district lawful and reasonable rules and regulations.


The competent administrator demonstrates:


Leadership skills in managing the school, its students, staff, and programs as required by lawful and reasonable district policies, rules, and regulations, state and federal laws and regulations, and other programs as assigned, and assures that staff is informed of these requirements; and


Skills in planning and staff assignment.

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Jun. 8, 2021