Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Rule Rule 584-020-0045
Factors for Imposing Disciplinary Sanctions

The Commission may consider one or more of the following factors, as it deems appropriate, in its determination of what sanction or sanctions, if any, should be imposed upon a finding that an educator has violated any standard set forth in OAR 584-020-0040 (Grounds for Disciplinary Action):


If the misconduct or violation is an isolated occurrence, part of a continuing pattern, or one of a series of incidents;


The likelihood of a recurrence of the misconduct or violation;


The educator’s past performance;


The extent, severity, and imminence of any danger to students, other educators, or the public;


If the misconduct was open and notorious or had negative effects on the public image of the school;


The educator’s state of mind at the time of the misconduct and afterwards;


The danger that students will imitate the educator’s behavior or use it as a model;


The age and level of maturity of the students served by the educator;


Any extenuating circumstances or other factors bearing on the appropriate nature of a disciplinary sanction; or


To deter similar misconduct by the educator or other educators.

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