Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

Rule Rule 584-021-0140
Requirements for Applying for Renewal or Reinstatement of Certification

An applicant for renewal or reinstatement of an Oregon School Nurse Certificate must:


Provide the information requested on the Application, Form N-1, and sign in the space provided. The character questions pertaining to dismissal, revocation, and conviction must be answered and supporting materials attached to the application, if necessary;


Present a statement verifying satisfactory completion of a Commission-approved workshop or course on the laws prohibiting discrimination, if not previously verified;


Submit all required fees;


Provide verification of professional upgrading satisfactory to the school district, if applicable;


Provide evidence satisfactory to the Commission of fitness to serve as school nurse, if the application is for reinstatement of a surrendered or revoked certificate;


Submit the employing school district’s request for the certificate if the application is for renewal of an Emergency School Nurse Certificate;


Submit a current registered nurse license issued by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. A photocopy is acceptable; and


Submit official transcripts of nine quarter hours or six semester hours of additional preparation during the life of the current certificate or since expiration of the certificate, if unable to verify adequate or acceptable experience during the life of the certificate.
[ED. NOTE: Forms referenced are available from the ageny]

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