OAR 603-013-0606


A pet or animal food slaughtering establishment, tools, and equipment therein shall be operated and maintained in a sanitary manner. Ample pressure and supply of hot and cold water shall be available in the establishment. While the Department recognizes the fact that the same high degree of sanitation procedures and standards as are required in establishments slaughtering livestock for human consumption are not necessary in establishments slaughtering animals for animal or pet food, the Department will require, and the animal food slaughtering establishments shall comply with, applicable provisions of ORS Chapters 616 and 619 to the extent that animal or pet food is free from disease and is not injurious to the welfare and health of the animals that will be fed such food. Such procedures and standards also shall be used that will protect the health and welfare of the people of this state.


“Offal” or any part of carcass, viscera, or organic material not used for pet or animal food shall not be stored or held for a period longer than 24 hours without refrigerated facilities.


The accumulation of refuse and debris is prohibited in an establishment and the premises adjacent to an establishment shall be maintained in such a manner as not to promote the harboring of insects, rodents, or vermin.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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