OAR 603-013-0612

All packaged pet or animal food shall be labeled. Such label shall contain at least the following information.


The name and address of the establishment.


The words “Pet Food,” “Animal Food,” or “Dog and Cat Food,” and the additional wording “Not For Human Consumption.” The letters in such wording shall be placed conspicuously on the package and be of such size as to be readily and easily readable to prospective purchasers or users.


The net weight of the product in the package.


The contents in order of their predominance.


Labeling of hermetically sealed, retort processed, conventional retail size containers shall conform with this section except the wording “Not For Human Consumption” need not appear on label. If not in such containers, the product must not only be properly identified, but it must be of such character or so treated (denatured or decharacterized) as to be readily distinguishable from an article of human food.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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