OAR 603-013-0620
Construction of Building and Conduct of Business

Every person licensed pursuant to ORS 601.040 (Application for license and payment of fee) shall conduct the business and shall construct, arrange and keep the premises on which the business is conducted according to the following requirements:


All interior surfaces within areas used in the conduct of the business shall be of impervious materials.


All areas of the building and equipment used in the conduct of the business shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. The following minimum requirements shall be met:


Areas and equipment, including storage pits and transfer augers, are to be cleaned at the end of every work day, and a log kept;


Floors, walls and ceilings shall be free of any observable raw material.


Liquid shall not be allowed to collect or pool;


Sanitary drainage shall be provided leading to a sewage disposal system approved by the appropriate authorities, which allows areas to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition;


Hot water and steam shall be available to maintain the areas and equipment in a clean and sanitary condition;


The outside premises shall be maintained free of raw material, any dried liquid matter from animal parts and litter.


All reasonable measures shall be taken to prevent the entrance of and control of lies, insects, rodents and vermin. Such measures shall include, but are not limited to, closing off cracks, openings or other entry points which have developed in the building and the use of screens where appropriate.


Immediately after unloading for processing or into transfer pits, raw material shall be sprayed with an odor control spray.


Raw material for rendering shall not remain longer than eight hours on the premises of a business without being refrigerated, processed or transferred to a processing site. If circumstances arise outside the control of the business which prevent action within eight hours, the business shall maintain the raw material in such a manner that no public annoyance shall be caused by the unsightly appearance or odor of the raw material.


The cooking area must be separate from the storage area and the area where raw materials are skinned, butchered or dismembered. The latter two areas shall also be separate from each other.


The cooking, loading and unloading areas shall be enclosed.


Pressure control shall be automatic, and checked daily. Pressure control shall also be calibrated, and tested annually.


Traps capable of preventing odor in the disposal of steam or exhaust shall be installed on steam vents.

Source: Rule 603-013-0620 — Construction of Building and Conduct of Business, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=603-013-0620.

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