OAR 603-058-0110

In addition to the definitions set forth in ORS 633.006 (Definitions for ORS 633.006 to 633.089), and unless the context requires otherwise, the following shall apply to ORS 633.015 (Registration of commercial feed required) to 633.089 (Disposition of moneys received by department) and OAR 603-058-0110 (Definitions) to 603-058-0290 (Reserved):


“Medicated Feed” means a commercial feed in combination with a drug, as defined in subsection (10) of ORS 633.006 (Definitions for ORS 633.006 to 633.089).


“Director” means the Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.


“Consultant-Formulated” feed means commercial feed manufactured for a final purchaser based upon formula and/or specifications developed for the feed purchaser by an independent consultant or feed manufacturer.


“Independent consultant” means any person who provides animal nutritional formulation to a feed purchaser as a service rather than the sale of feed.


Principal Display Panel means the out-facing side of the feed tag, or if no tag, the part of the label that is most likely to be displayed, presented, shown or examined under normal or customary conditions of sale.


“Lot identifier” means a unique identifier for each lot, batch or production run that enables the manufacturer to accurately trace the complete manufacturing and distribution history of the product. A lot identifier is an individual lot, batch or production run number, code, date, or other suitable identification applied to the label, container, or package. In the case of bulk feed the lot identifier is on a label, invoice, or shipping document accompanying the feed.
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