OAR 629-022-0050
Project Criteria

The State Forester must use the following criteria to evaluate and approve proposed Projects:


The highest priority Projects are those favoring:


Landowners with existing Loan Program Contracts or cost-share Practice plans in good standing that request additional funds to ensure that their Forest Stands reach Free To Grow, remain Adequately Stocked or otherwise remain in an improved forest management condition;


Lands with a written forest management plan that encompasses the eligible land and has been created or updated within the last 5 years;


Environmental Restoration or other Approved Practices consistent with conservation plans or strategies adopted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife;


Landowners who contribute funds, labor, equipment and material; and


Lands covered by a Stewardship Agreement as defined in ORS 541.423.


Projects of medium priority are those including:


Lands that are of higher site productivity based on the region in which they occur;


Larger acreages;


Funding sources that are approved from other forestry incentive or loan programs;


Forest Products that are harvested during the Conversion.


The lowest priority Projects are those that meet the requirements of OAR 629-022-0110 (Trust Funds — Eligibility) but do not contain any of the priority considerations in subsection (1) and (2).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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