OAR 629-022-0130
Loan Program — Project Plan


A Landowner meeting the requirements of 629-022-0110 (Trust Funds — Eligibility) and 629-022-0120 (Applying for Trust Funds) must submit a Project plan.


A Landowner may receive technical assistance to develop the Project plan from the State Forester, other cooperating state or federal agencies, or a Resource Management Professional.


The Project plan must include:


Practices and Approved Consulting Services necessary to accomplish stand establishment on eligible Underproducing Forestlands or the improved management of eligible Forestland;


A Project map or maps delineating the Project boundary on at an aerial photo and also showing a legend, scale, north arrow, property boundary, topography, location of Practices, acres, and where applicable to the Approved Practices in the Project plan, vegetative cover types, soil types within the Project boundary, existing or proposed roads, and sensitive resource sites or streams that are protected by the Forest Practices Act; and


A description of Environmental Restoration planned within the Project boundary and the source of funding for the Practices.


The Project plan must also include for each Practice described in the Project plan :


Specifications for the Practice;


A time schedule for completion;


Budgeted Costs; and


A description of any Forest Practices Act rules that need to be followed.


When the Landowner retains a Resource Management Professional to implement a Project, the Project plan must include the Resource Management Professional fees described in OAR 629-022-0230 (Resource Management Professional Fees).

Source: Rule 629-022-0130 — Loan Program — Project Plan, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=629-022-0130.

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