Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-045-0040
Mapping Requirements and Boundary Recommendations


On the maps required by ORS 526.324 (Classification of forestland by committee) and 526.328 (Hearing), a committee shall set forth the outer boundaries of all forestland classified by the committee pursuant to OAR 629-045-0030 (Classification of Forestland by a Committee) and 629-045-0035 (Classification Requirements and Limitations).


Natural geographic features, human-made land features, public land survey lines, or political boundary lines shall be used to describe the outer boundaries.


No outer boundaries shall enclose an area of less than 40 acres in size.


No outer boundaries shall extend outside of a forest protection district.


A committee shall recommend to the State Forester any changes to the boundary of a forest protection district it believes are warranted.


A committee shall recommend to the appropriate county governing body the creation of or changes to the boundary of Zone 1 lands, which have been or may be established pursuant to ORS 476.310 (Zoning and rezoning of certain lands) to 476.320 (Determination of form of fire protection for lands in zone 1), if the committee believes such creation or changes are warranted.

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