OAR 629-045-0045
Community Meetings


Prior to holding the public hearing required by ORS 526.328 (Hearing)(1), a committee shall hold one or more community meetings in each county of its jurisdiction.


At a community meeting required by section (1) of this rule, a committee shall:


Present to any interested persons information about its:


Forestland identification process, completed pursuant to ORS 526.320 (Determination of forestland) and OAR 629-045-0025 (Identification of Forestland by a Committee); and


Preliminary classification decision process, completed pursuant to ORS 526.324 (Classification of forestland by committee) and OAR 629-045-0030 (Classification of Forestland by a Committee) and 629-045-0035 (Classification Requirements and Limitations).


Make available for inspection the preliminary classification maps required by ORS 526.324 (Classification of forestland by committee).
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Jun. 8, 2021

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