Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-045-0025
Identification of Forestland by a Committee


A committee shall periodically identify all lands which meet the following criteria:


Is within the county or counties of its jurisdiction; and


Is a woodland, brushland, timberland, grazing land or clearing that, during any time of the year, contains enough forest growth, slashing or vegetation to constitute, in the judgment of the forester, a fire hazard, regardless of how the land is zoned or taxed. As used in this subsection, “clearing” means any grassland, improved area, lake, meadow, mechanically or manually cleared area, road, rocky area, stream or other similar opening that is surrounded by or contiguous to land described in the first sentence of this subsection


And that has been included in areas classified as forestland under ORS 526.305 (Definitions for ORS 526.305 to 526.370) to 526.370 (Seeding agreements as condition of supervision of burning on forestlands).


All lands which meet the criteria set forth in section (1) of this rule shall be considered to be forestland.

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