OAR 629-047-0010


The definitions set forth in ORS 477.001 (Definitions) shall apply to OAR 629, division 047, unless the context otherwise requires.


The following words and phrases, when used in OAR 629, division 047, shall mean the following unless the context otherwise requires:


“Authorized Fire Warden” means a person who has been designated, a Fire Warden — Class A or a Fire Warden — Class B, by the forester after June 9, 1994.


"Bona fide effort” means a good faith attempt to control or extinguish a fire, considering the communication facilities available, the tools available, the water available and the mental and physical condition of the person.


“District Forester” means the person in charge of a district, including Oregon Department of Forestry district foresters and forest protection association district managers and district supervisors.


“Fire Prevention Citation” means a uniform citation issued pursuant to ORS 477.980 (Enforcement policy) to 477.993 (Penalties) and administrative rules adopted thereunder. Receipt of a Fire Prevention Citation subjects the violator to a fine.


“Fire prevention requirements of ORS Chapter 477 (Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation)” means any of the permit and fire prevention requirements of:


ORS 477.510 (Acts prohibited during fire season), 477.515 (Permits required for fires on forestlands), 477.535 (Forester may proclaim forestland subject to restricted uses), 477.540 (Notice of proclamation), 477.545 (Restricted uses during closure), 477.550 (Violation of restrictions), 477.565 (Felling dead trees and snags), 477.615 (Additional water supply and equipment), 477.625 (Permit to use fire or power-driven machinery), 477.635 (Authority to issue, refuse, suspend or revoke permit), 477.640 (Use and refueling of power saws), 477.645 (Internal combustion engines), 477.650 (Stationary internal combustion engines), 477.655 (Fire-fighting tools and equipment at operation area and on trucks), 477.660 (Additional protection facilities or services at operation area), 477.665 (Fire watch service), 477.670 (When use of fire or power-driven machinery prohibited), 477.695 (Removal of flammable material from railroad rights of way), 477.710 (Starting of campfire or other open fire restricted), 477.720 (Accidentally setting fire to forestland), 477.740 (Unlawful use of fire); and


Administrative rules adopted pursuant to the statutes listed in subsection (a) of this section; and


Written orders of the forester issued pursuant to the statutes and administrative rules described in subsections (A) and (B) of this section.


“Fire Prevention Warning” means written notice issued to a violator pursuant to OAR 629, division 047. Receipt of a Fire Prevention Warning requires the violator to pay no fine.


“Fire service agency” means fire suppression resources of, or contracted by, the Oregon Department of Forestry, a forest protective association, the U.S. Department of Interior, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a rangeland fire protection association, a rural fire protection district, a city fire department or a private fire department.


“Serious violation” means a violation that results in a fire which proximately causes human injury, loss of human life, or causes property damage of $10,000 or more.


“Violation” means the circumstance which exists any time a violator fails to comply with the fire prevention requirements of ORS Chapter 477 (Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation).


“Violator” means the corporation, operator or person subject to ORS Chapter 477 (Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation) which is responsible for a violation of the fire prevention requirements of ORS Chapter 477 (Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation).


“Written order” means a written requirement, from the forester, for a specified practice.
General Policy
Basic Enforcement Action
Fire Prevention Citation Issuance Limitations
Fire Prevention Enforcement Limitations
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.510 — Acts Prohibited During Closed Fire Season
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.515, OAR 629-043-0041 and 629-043-0043 — Burning Permits
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.535, 477.540, 477.545 and 477.550 — Regulated, Permit, Absolute Closures
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.565 and OAR 629-043-0005 — Snag Falling
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.615 and OAR 629-043-0010 — Additional Water Supply
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.625 and OAR 629-043-0026 — Permit to Use Fire or Power-Driven Machinery and Operation Area Fire Prevention
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.635 — Refused, Suspended or Revoked Permit To Use Fire Or Power-Driven Machinery
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.640 and OAR 629-043-0036 — Powersaws
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.645 and OAR 629-043-0015 — Spark Arresters
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.650 and OAR 629-043-0020 — Water Supply and Equipment for Stationary Equipment
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.655 and OAR 629-043-0025 — Fire Tools
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.660 — Additional Protection Facilities
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.665 and OAR 629-043-0030 — Watchman
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.670 and OAR 629-043-0070 — Industrial Fire Precaution Levels
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.695 — Railroad Right-Of-Way
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.710 — Campfires
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.720 — Accidentally Setting Fire to Forestland
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.740 — Unlawful Use of Fire
Enforcement Policy for ORS 477.993(3) — Unauthorized Entry Into a Fire Scene
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