Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation

ORS 477.515
Permits required for fires on forestlands

  • waiver
  • permit conditions
  • cooperative agreements for permit administration
  • rules


It is unlawful to set or cause to be set an open fire inside or within one-eighth of one mile of a forest protection district, either on one’s own land or on the land of another, without first securing a written permit for burning from the forester and complying with the conditions of the permit. In granting permits for burning:


The forester may waive the requirement that permits be secured prior to burning, except during a fire season or when required under rules adopted pursuant to subsection (4) of this section.


The forester shall prescribe conditions necessary to be observed in setting a fire and preventing it from spreading out of control.


The forester may prescribe conditions necessary to be observed in maintaining air quality.


Any permit obtained through willful misrepresentation is void.


To avoid confusion or duplication of administration and to promote government efficiency, the forester may enter into a cooperative agreement with a county, a city or a rural fire protection district that:


Allows the forester to administer the requirements of this section, in conjunction with the enforcement authority of ORS 477.980 (Enforcement policy) to 477.993 (Penalties), on lands not otherwise subject to the requirements of this chapter; or


Allows the cooperating agency to administer the burning permit requirements of ORS chapter 476 or 478, as appropriate, including applicable enforcement authority, on lands otherwise subject to the requirements of this chapter.


All burning allowed under this section shall comply with applicable rules that may be adopted by the State Board of Forestry and the Department of Environmental Quality.


The provisions of this section do not apply to campfires. [1965 c.253 §95; 1969 c.204 §204; 1969 c.680 §1; 1971 c.297 §1; 1997 c.274 §12; 1999 c.355 §14]


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