Fire Protection of Forests and Vegetation

ORS 477.625
Permit to use fire or power-driven machinery

  • exception
  • conditions
  • waiver of permit


Every person conducting an operation inside or within one-eighth of one mile of a forest protection district that uses fire in any form or power-driven machinery shall first obtain from the forester a written permit, which shall require that the holder of the permit:


Take reasonable precautions that in the judgment of the forester are necessary in the use of fire and power-driven machinery to prevent the spread of fire on or from an operation area.


Designate a representative authorized to act on all matters having to do with fire control, which representatives shall be available at all times by direct means of communication with the forester.


If operating west of the summit of the Cascade Mountains, close down any part or all of the operation during any period of time when notified that, in the judgment of the forester, conditions exist as described in ORS 477.670 (When use of fire or power-driven machinery prohibited).


Routine road maintenance is excepted from the requirement to obtain a permit to operate power-driven machinery under this section. As used in this subsection “routine road maintenance” means grading, cleaning ditches, culvert cleaning, spot rocking or mechanical brushing along the roadside to maintain visibility.


(a) The forester may waive the requirement to obtain a written permit under this section when in the judgment of the forester the operation will not constitute a fire hazard sufficient to justify the requirement.


Waiver of the requirement to obtain a written permit under this section does not relieve the owner and operator of the responsibility for complying with other applicable duties, requirements or penalties of this chapter. [Formerly 477.286; 1991 c.634 §1; 1997 c.274 §21]


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