OAR 629-610-0000


Timely reforestation of forestland is an essential factor in assuring continuous growing and harvesting of forest tree species, considering landowner objectives and consistent with the sound management of timber and other forest resources. Reforestation or other forms of revegetation are also important for the continued productivity and stabilization of soils exposed as a result of operations.


OAR 629-610-0000 (Purpose) through 629-610-0090 (Exemption from Reforestation for Land Uses Not Compatible with Forest Tree Cover) shall be known as the reforestation rules.


The purpose of the reforestation rules is to establish standards to ensure the timely replacement and maintenance of free to grow forest tree cover following forest operations at or above stocking levels that will use the tree growth potential of forestlands in Oregon.


The reforestation rules are designed to:


Define forestland subject to reforestation requirements;


Describe the conditions under which reforestation shall be required;


Specify the minimum number of trees per acre;


Specify the maximum time period allowed for establishment of such trees after an operation reduces stocking;


Describe the acceptable species for reforestation;


Describe the conditions under which revegetation shall be required in lieu of reforestation; and


Specify the conditions under which an exemption from the reforestation requirements may be approved.


Except as described below, the reforestation rules shall become effective on January 1, 1995 and shall be applied as follows:


Operations completed after January 1, 1995 must comply with the reforestation rules;


Except as provided in subsection (c) operations completed before January 1, 1995 must comply with the applicable reforestation requirements of ORS 527.745 (Reforestation of certain harvest types) and OAR 629-024-0400 to 0404, 629-024-0500 to 0503, and 629-024-0600 to 0604 as they existed on September 6, 1994;


Landowners subject to subsection (b) may request to have the reforestation rules apply to an operation at any time following January 1, 1995. The State Forester shall approve such requests so long as the landowner will fully apply the reforestation rules on the operation.
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