OAR 629-610-0030
Natural Reforestation Methods


Natural reforestation methods may be the best means to meet a variety of resource management objectives on some forestlands. Successful natural reforestation requires careful, flexible, site-specific pre-harvest planning and post-harvest monitoring.


Reforestation may be difficult on Cubic Foot Site Class VI forestlands due to factors such as poor soils, harsh climate and competing vegetation. Reforestation in wetland areas may be difficult because of high water tables, competing vegetation, and inaccessibility. Careful reforestation planning is needed before operations are conducted on these sites. On Cubic Site Class VI forestlands and in wetlands, the use of silvicultural systems that promote natural regeneration and the retention of good quality residual trees after operations often have a higher probability of success than artificial reforestation methods.


When an operation will result in a reforestation requirement and natural reforestation methods are planned, the landowner shall obtain written approval from the State Forester of a plan for an alternate practice which describes how reforestation will be accomplished. Information in the plan shall include:


A description of the seed sources that will be used;


Site preparation and vegetation competition control methods;


An estimate of the time needed to obtain an adequately stocked free to grow stand;


How progress towards natural reforestation will be evaluated; and


Alternative strategies that will be used if natural reforestation does not progress as planned.


The plan for an alternate practice required in section (3) of this rule must be submitted no later than twelve months after tree stocking is reduced.


Plans for an alternate practice for the use of natural reforestation methods shall be approved by the State Forester if a determination is made that the information provided accurately indicates there is a high probability the purpose of the reforestation rules will be achieved.

Source: Rule 629-610-0030 — Natural Reforestation Methods, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=629-610-0030.

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