OAR 629-623-0000


Shallow, rapidly moving landslides may be a public safety risk affected by forest operations. There is a high natural landslide hazard in certain locations. In the short term, forest practices regulations can reduce the risk to people who are present in locations prone to shallow, rapidly moving landslides. In the long term, effective protection of the public can only be achieved through the shared responsibilities of homeowners, road users, forestland owners, and state and local governments to reduce the number of persons living in or driving through locations prone to shallow, rapidly moving landslides during heavy rainfall periods.


OAR 629-623-0000 (Purpose) through 629-623-0800 (Hazard Mitigation and Risk Reduction Projects) shall be known as the shallow, rapidly moving landslide and public safety rules.


The purpose of the shallow, rapidly moving landslides and public safety rules is to reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death caused by shallow, rapidly moving landslides directly related to forest practices. These rules consider the exposure of the public to these safety risks and include appropriate practices designed to reduce the occurrence, timing, or effects of shallow, rapidly moving landslides.


These rules are based on the best scientific and monitoring information currently available. The department will continue to monitor factors associated with shallow, rapidly moving landslides and also review new research on this issue. The department will recommend rule changes if this new information suggests different forest practices may be appropriate.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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