Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-645-0010
Live Tree Retention for Significant Wetlands


In significant wetlands and their riparian management areas, operators shall retain approximately 50 percent of the original live trees, by species, in each of the following diameter classes (DBH):


6 to 10 inches;


11 to 20 inches;


21 to 30 inches; and


larger than 30 inches.


As part of the live trees in subsection (1) above, operators shall retain trees bordering significant wetlands.


For estuaries and the adjacent riparian management areas, operators shall protect live trees that are:


Perch and nest trees for predatory birds and colonial nesting birds;


Likely to provide for future large woody debris to the estuaries’ perimeters; and


Contributing to bank stability.

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Jun. 8, 2021