Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-645-0030
Soil and Hydrologic Function Protection for Significant Wetlands


In significant wetlands and their riparian management areas, operators shall protect soil from disturbances that result in impaired water quality, hydrologic functions, or soil productivity. Operators shall protect hydrologic functions by minimizing disturbances and shall prevent accelerating the natural conversion of the wetland to uplands.


The written plan required under OAR 629-605-0170 (Statutory Written Plans) shall describe how the operation will be conducted to prevent adverse effects on water quality, hydrologic functions or soil productivity. The following practices shall be addressed in written plans when they are proposed in significant wetlands:


Filling within wetlands;


Machine activity within wetlands; and


Road construction within wetlands.


Operators shall not drain significant wetlands.


Notwithstanding subsection (3) of this rule, minor drainage for reforestation is allowed. Any drainage for reforestation must be designed so the significant wetland is not converted to an upland.

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Jun. 8, 2021