Oregon Department of Forestry

Rule Rule 629-645-0050
Snag and Downed Wood Retention for Significant Wetlands


For significant wetlands, operators shall retain all snags and downed trees within the wetlands and the applicable riparian management areas.


Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this rule, any snag defined to be a safety hazard under the safety requirements found in OAR 437, division 7, Forest Activities, or determined to be a fire hazard by the State Forester, may be felled. Any snag felled because of a safety or fire hazard shall be left unyarded.


The retention requirements in subsection (1) of this rule may be modified for reasons of forest health for trees that are dying or recently dead because of fire, insect or disease epidemics, or other catastrophic events when addressed in a plan for an alternate practice approved by the State Forester.


Snags and downed wood left pursuant to subsection (1) of this rule may not be counted toward the requirements of ORS 527.676 (Leaving snags and downed logs in harvest type 2 or 3 units).

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Jun. 8, 2021