OAR 635-098-0040

(1) Advisory Committee Composition:
(a) The advisory committee shall consist of nine members appointed by the Governor.
(b) Six members of the advisory committee shall be appointed to represent one of each of the ecoregions described below, which are documented and described in the Oregon Conservation Strategy. To represent an ecoregion, the member shall live in and possess demonstrable scientific expertise related to the ecoregion
(A) Nearshore Marine or Coast Range
(B) Willamette Valley
(C) Klamath Mountains
(D) West Cascades or East Cascades
(E) Columbia Plateau or Blue Mountains
(F) Northern Basin and Range
(c) Three members of the advisory committee shall be appointed from Oregon-at-large. These three members shall have an interest in fish and wildlife conservation or outdoor recreation, especially wildlife-associated recreation such as wildlife viewing, nature photography, nature tourism, outdoor education, or community science.
(d) In making appointments of all nine advisory committee members, consideration should be given to appointing members who possess experience engaging youth, underserved communities and diverse audiences, such as communities of color, tribes, and low income communities,in conservation and recreation activities. Consideration should also be given to members with interests in the economic, social, and educational benefits of healthy ecosystems.
(e) Consideration should be given to ensuring that the advisory committee membership reflects the demographic and geographic diversity of Oregon.
(f) One member of the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission may be designated by the Commission as a non-voting participant in the Advisory Committee.
(g) The Director of the Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation may serve as a non-voting ex officio member of the advisory committee.
(2) Officers:
(a) The officers of the advisory committee shall be a Chair and a Vice Chair.
(b) Officers shall be elected by the advisory committee.
(c) Officers may hold office for a period of two years from the date of appointment, and may be re-elected.
(3) Compensation:
Members of the advisory committee may not receive compensation for service as members. However, subject to any applicable law regulating travel and other expenses of state officers a member may be reimbursed for actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred in the performance of official duties from moneys available to the department for the purpose of reimbursement of advisory committee members.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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