OAR 635-098-0050

(1) Time, Location, and Frequency:
At times and places fixed by the Chair of the advisory committee, the committee shall meet at a minimum three times per year.
(2) Voting:
(a) Each of the nine voting members of the advisory committee shall be entitled to one vote on all issues presented at meetings at which the member is present.
(b) Five members of the advisory committee constitute a quorum.
(c) Less than a quorum of the advisory committee or a subcommittee may receive testimony.
(d) A recommendation to the department and commission requires an affirmative vote of at least five committee members. Vote will be by roll call.
(e) In the absence of the chair and vice chair, the members may choose a temporary chair.
(f) Members of the advisory committee should not abstain from voting except on a matter involving potential conflict of interest, in which case the reason for abstention will have been disclosed.
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(June 8, 2021)

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